Currently Running Session: Fall #1. ~ Next Session Registration: Open! ~ See below for session details.

What’s changed this year? More classes, smaller groups, & shorter sessions.

More classes ensure that athlete’s are being taught skills appropriate to their abilities while maintaining a degree of challenge.

Smaller groups increase the amount of time each athlete gets with a coach. Class maximums are between 8-12 athletes.

Shorter sessions make development more consistent between our tiered programs. Sessions are now 8 weeks in duration.

Take a look at our program options below!

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 4.01.49 PM.png

Programs will be taught in multi-session lessons. This means we expect most athlete’s to do 2-4 sessions of the same class.

Register for the program most suited to the athlete’s abilities. All athlete’s will be assessed throughout the first class and may be asked to move classes to provide the best coaching experience. 

Session Details:

Fall Session #1 (Sept 3-Oct 27) current session ~ Fall Session #2 (Oct 28-Dec 22) registration open now

Winter Session #1 (Jan 6-Mar 1) registration opens November 18th ~ Winter Session #2 (Mar 2-May3) registration opens January 20th

Spring Session (May 4-Jun 28) registration opens March 23rd

Please note that your child receives a full membership to both Rock Jungle Fitness (West) & Rock Jungle Boulders (Downtown) and they are encouraged to come climb outside of class time (granted that climbers under 14 must be under direct visual supervision).

In addition, we now have discounted rates for the families of the children in our programs. Immediate family members receive 50%* off drop-ins at both locations (does not apply to rental gear if needed), 10% off retail, and 10% off a membership while the child is in the program. *Starting in January 2020, program family drop-in discount will be 30%.

Have any questions? Email to contact us.