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Activities We Offer:

The unique design of our facility allows us to run group activities with a combination of Climbing, CrossFit, or Yoga. We can run programs that include one, two, or all three activities.

Climbing! A usual group booking begins by getting gear, going over facility rules, and beginning the climbing on our two levels of bouldering. Our instructor will facilitate a fun climbing competition or game, followed by harnessing up for the autobelays. For bookings longer than an hour we can demonstrate lead climbing, for bookings at least 2 hours we can (upon request) teach climbers 9 years and up how to top rope (more details under "restrictions"), and for multi-session bookings, we can set up a program similar to our youth programs.

Crossfit! Add Crossfit to your booking to have one of our coaches teach athlete’s technical exercise skills and guide them through a Workout Of the Day (WOD), similar to our Crossfit Teens program. Exercises taught here are scaled to age and fitness, and may not include weights to prevent injury and promote general fitness.

Yoga! (Or just stretching) Introduce youth to the benefits of extended stretching, promote body consciousness, and begin early muscle recovery through Yoga. One of our staff will demonstrate stretches and movements to strengthen and stretch the whole body in our calming yoga room. A more informal stretching session can be done in the gym area and with a larger group, simply specify upon booking which is preferred.

Booking Times And Rates:

We prefer to host group bookings between 8:00AM and 4:00PM from Monday to Friday. For weekday bookings outside of stated hours, email For weekend bookings, see our birthday group rates.

We offer a reduced price for large/school groups during the day (8AM-4PM.) Prices include all needed gear (climbing shoes and harness) and an instructor for the booked time. If you are booking for a non-for-profit organization, please email to inquire into custom rates.

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Restrictions: Age, Group Size, Top Rope

Age: Participants in group bookings must be ages 5 years of age or older.

Group Size: We require a minimum of 8 participants to run a group, and have a maximum of 80 participants, provided they are split between at least 2 activities. Maximum amounts of participants per activity are as follows: 60 can be climbing at a time, 30 can be doing Crossfit, and 12 can be doing Yoga (up to 30 can do yoga-like stretching in a different space.)

Top Rope Instruction: we do not recommend learning how to top rope until participants have done at least 1 or 2 bookings of climbing. To minimize risk, when learning how to top rope there is not much climbing done as participants must practise skills multiple times before any climbing can happen. We recommended for older athlete’s (age 12+) and in groups less than 20 participants. Top rope can be taught in either 1 part (2.5 hour booking minimum) or 2 parts (two 1.5 hour bookings).

Terms and Conditions: Waivers

We require all Rock Jungle guests to complete a waiver prior to using our facilities. This includes teachers and any supervising parent/teacher. Participants under the age of 18 years of age must have their waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian. Any attendees without a completed waiver may not participate in activities at our facility.

School Groups: we recommend printing the waiver (PDF version available here) and having students’ parents complete them and bring them on the day of your booking. Paper waivers from a school group are valid for the school year completed. Attendees may complete the waiver online, but teacher or bookee must send a list of potential attendees to at least 5 business days before booking date so we can verify that waivers have been completed.

Booking Today:

For bookings in 2019: please email to contact our bookings manager. Please include your preferred date(s), start and end times, amount of participants, and specifications of preferred activities.

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