Why Rock Climbing?

There are many options when looking for a way to bring your team together and foster relationships within it. So why should you choose rock climbing? Well, it is a sport that requires trust, patience, problem solving, and consistency. At times it will require you to overcome intense mental and physical challenges. Here at Rock Jungle Fitness, we can provide you with custom programming for your company that will provide you with excellent team building activities. We can also offer a variety of fitness programming off the climbing wall, like crossfit and yoga. Interested? Email bookings@rockjunglefitness.com.

Our Offerings

As a corporate group here at Rock Jungle, you get a much higher bang for your buck. Your price includes time with a climbing instructor, gear rentals, and gym use for the entire day. You will pay per hour for the instructor, and the rest is simply included with that price. All bookings can include a meeting room if requested. Your time with the instructor could include:

  • Three types of climbing programming:

    • Introduction to Climbing

    • Belay Fundamentals

    • Lead Climbing Fundamentals

  • Cross-fit

  • Yoga

Belay fundamentals requires at least a 2 hour session. Lead Climbing Fundamentals is a two day course and requires all participants be belay certified at our gym. Cross-fit coaches can be booked for a maximum of 1 hour.


Before you book anything with us, you should see our price list:

  • 1 hour session: $20/person

  • 2 hour session: $25/person

  • 3 hour session: $30/person

All prices include gear rental and a climbing instructor. There is also a minimum of 8 people required for a booking.

Ready to book?

Are you ready to take your corporate team building to new heights? Then fire out an email to bookings@rockjunglefitness.com to get started.